Saturday, April 01, 2006

In December 2006 the new Museum of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights opened, and the following was a story that was published at that time:

"It is vital to this country's freedom and to the strength of the American family to derail the psychiatric mental health violations and abuse of children and adults. By following CCHR's lead, taking action and raising public awareness of this critical issue, we can stop the chemical infestation and return human rights and dignity to all people." With these words, Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, accompanied by community leaders, government officials and representatives of Congress, inaugurated one of the most important museums today--wholly dedicated to the most invasive and widespread violations of human rights--the psychiatric industry of death. A Hollywood house of horror--but this time not for entertainment. This unique exhibit is, unfortunately, every bit as real as life itself. If you want to know the truth about psychiatry and the drugging of millions world over, visit the Museum of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), at Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. For more information, see

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international watchdog group, co-founded by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas S. Szasz. Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Scientologists' stand
on psychiatry comes from a deep concern about the brutality that is the hallmark of this practice.


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