Friday, April 07, 2006

Worldwide Criminal Rehab Program Now Reaches 30 Countries

Drugs are a serious social problem reaching all levels of society and all nations. Freedom Magazine has had several features over the years on drugs and such as this one in the Canadian edition of the magazine

One statistic that keeps coming up in the news is the relationship between drugs and crime, including this article from New Zealand that points out a rise of 28.8% in crimes involving co-called "new drugs."

There is a very effective program called Criminon that addresses the tie-in between drugs and crime.

Here's one thing I found about this program:
Criminon (which means “no crime”) is an international non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and through effective drug detoxification, education and common sense programs restore the criminal’s self-respect thus making them responsible for their actions so that they may become ethical and productive citizens.

Criminon's worldwide criminal rehabilitation program, based on the works of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, continues to expand. Last year, this organization opened 23 new groups and implemented rehabilitation programs in seven new countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, Venezuela and Pakistan. The Criminon program has now been adopted in more than 1950 prisons in 30 countries which makes this the largest criminal rehabilitation program in the world.

For more information about this program and how it has helped thousands of prisoners lead crime-free lives, visit or


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