Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scientology Disaster Relief

A Haitian girl

Volunteer Ministers have been involved in disaster relief efforts all over the world. This includes a corps hundreds strong at Ground Zero within hours of the 9/11 tragedy, more than 500 volunteers from 11 nations in Southeast Asia in the wake of the tsunami, over 900 Volunteer Ministers attending to victims in Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita and in the Haiti earthquake disaster, the Church of Scientology and its parishioners flew in plane loads of much-needed medical and food supplies. In addition they brought in hundreds of medical professionals and Scientology Volunteer Ministers to help Haitians cope with their losses and rebuild their lives.

Volunteer Ministers have also trained and partnered with over 500 different groups, organizations and agencies around the world including the Red Cross, FEMA, National Guard, Army Cadets, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, Rotary Clubs, civil defense and disaster management agencies, YMCAs, police and fire departments of dozens of cities and towns and hundreds more national and regional groups and organizations.



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