Sunday, September 04, 2011

September 11

Where were you on September 11? Do you remember exactly where you heard the news?

I was on a bus.

I totally missed the import of the event. Someone was really upset and was talking about it. That was before I had a Blackberry, and the woman in question often exaggerated things so I fobbed it off as "she always overdoes it."

Then I found out what it was and --- shock. Utter shock.

I think the whole country blanked out for a day or so.

I thought the world would change because of it. I have to say I am largely disappointed.

My church (Scientology) has changed. We have become much more pro-active, much more involved in the community and much more active in outreach to others. A lot of my friends went to Haiti, for example. And some even went to Japan after the tsunami.

But when I look around in society, I am disappointed that what looked like it would prompt a resurgence in activism and social change stopped dead shortly afterwards.

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